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Offline improvement

Right now when we play offline in our mobile devices, you can play a few skills every time. But once the language tree is finished you can not play any more offline.

I think it would be nice if Duolingo downloaded the skills that you need to practice more. That way we could still play offline and strenghten the language tree.

June 9, 2015



That would be great! Learning languages and traveling go together but travel and an online connection isn't always easy.


I didn't know that, great idea!

Also, do you know if Duolingo keeps your streak if you do Duolingo without internet for a period of time?


I don't think so, someone started a tread a few days ago saying that they were without the internet for three days and did cached lessons on their phone to keep the streak and they were upset because they lost it.


I can see how they would be... Thanks for the info.


A very good idea!


This feature please!

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