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  5. "What do elephants drink?"

"What do elephants drink?"

Translation:Hva drikker elefanter?

June 9, 2015



i may be missing something here but... what's the difference between translating "what do elephants drink" and "what drinks elephants" I know it's not possible for this question :P but let's say it's another verb and another animal: "what do ducks eat" and "what eats ducks"


There is the possibility of an ambiguity, but this is often understood from context, or phrasing the question differently.

"Hva er det som spiser ender" = "What is it that eats ducks" (literal translation)

"Hva er det ender spiser" = "What is it ducks eat" (literal translation)

"Hva spiser ender" would mean the latter of those two 99.(9) % of the time.


if you were asking literally "what eats ducks?" how would you phrase that? (as in what predators do they have?or have I just answered my own question here?)


"Hva er det som spiser ender" as I said in my comment. It would be phrased like "What is it that eats ducks", and while I might've been unclear, this would mean "what eats ducks".


Thanks for that :-)


Thanks a lot!!

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