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  5. How does "Streak Freeze" work?


How does "Streak Freeze" work?

Should I buy the Streak Freeze on the actual day of not practicing? Or can I buy it now and it would save me from losing my streak sometime in the future? In other words, is the Streak Freeze active for 24 hours only or indefinitely until I miss a day?

October 3, 2013



I think it is like an insurance policy and you can buy it anytime before you need it and it will be automatically applied to the next idle 24 hour cycle. So yeah indefinitely until you miss a day.


How can you tell this is how it works? Have you bought it in the Store?


Yeah it says "equipped" after I bought it a few days ago.


The "Streak Freeze" feature devalues what a streak means. It reminds me of grammar schools giving awards for "near perfect attendance". The streak symbol should be gold as long as a person has a natural streak. It could change to orange when the streak is continued with the "Streak Freeze" feature.

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