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Sin - Si - Sitt - Sine

Hello everyone,

I just have one question about possessive adjectives:

How can you tell the difference between his, hers or theirs when using sin - si - sitt or sine? They all mean his, hers or theirs, but how can you tell which one is being used?

Tusen takk!

June 9, 2015



You are talking about the reflexive form which is used when the subject of the sentence owns the object. The form, sin, agrees in gender and number with the owned noun, where sin is the masculine singular form, si the feminine singular, sitt the neuter singular form and sine the plural form.

For example: telefonen sin, mora si, faren sin, huset sitt


Thanks! But how can you tell which gender is being used? For example: foreldrene sine - How can you tell if it's his, hers or theirs?


You would only know from the context of the sentence..

For example:

Han kjører bilen sin (He drives his car)

Hun kjører bilen sin (She drives her car)


Thanks! Everything has been cleared up for me now. Tusen takk:)


How to say correctly: De skal besøke vennene sine or De skal besøke vennen sine


Vennene means the friends, vennen means the friend.

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