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  5. "Вона там з сестрою."

"Вона там з сестрою."

Translation:She is there with her sister.

June 9, 2015



Family members are usually possessed in English. So the best translation is probably "She's there with her sister."

If there are two brothers and two sisters, then one of the brothers could say "She's there with our sister" or maybe "She's there with sister."

"She's there with a sister," could sound like she's with an African-American woman.



95% of cases the meaning of this sentence in Ukrainian is "with her sister", "her" is omitted because it's assumed the sister is hers.

Another meaning could be, "with the sister" (assume she has several sisters, one sister was mentioned earlier, so we refer to her as "the sister")

"With my sister" -> mmmm nah. We would say "з моєю сестрою", omitting possessive with family members works only with "mom" and "dad" in Ukrainian. Maybe it used to be a thing before, but not anymore.

"With a sister" -> what is it even supposed to mean?....


I absolutely agree with TenDeuChen! "She's there with her sister" should be correct. "She is there with a sister" sounds odd in my ears as well, though I am not a native speaker of English, but I never came accross a sentence like that in English!


This does sound odd in English. So is this a proper Ukrainian sentence or should we say "Вона там її з сестрою."?


She is there with sister is not correct. Her sister or a sister would be correct.


"She is there with the sister" sounds very odd in english unless its a nurse or a nun, and definitely not a relative


This is very poor English. The sister would indicate a Catholic Nun or as the other poster points out, slang for an African American woman. The sentence should we with her sister or someones sister....but not the sister.


"The sister" can also indicate one of her sisters, in case she has many. If that sister was somehow mentioned before. So this answer should be accepted as correct, because there's nothing wrong with it (also the nun version is grammatically and semantically correct too), but I do agree that this shouldn't be the main translation. Just changed it so that it displays "her sister" as the main translation, and "the sister" is accepted as an alternative version.

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