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Find replies to hidden comments

When I receive an e-mail with the comments somebody made in a discussion I follow, I occasionally want to read it in context because it is the reply to some other comment etc. Clicking on the "view discussion" link usually takes me to the right comment, unless if it is a reply to a comment that it is hidden due to downvoting. In this case it becomes very hard to find it on long threads with many replies, and read it in context. You should allow the browser to jump to the reference comment even if it is hidden.

In addition, you should allow the same functionality when one follows a link from the user stream, to the right comment. I read on the stream of user "RandomUserName":

User "RandomUserName" commented on a discussion

"Some discussion header with a link"

Whatever user wrote which seems interesting and you want to read but it is incomple...

So when I try to follow the link, it brings me to the top of the discussion page, but when this discussion has 200-500 comments, it is not easy to find the comment of user I am looking to read. You could add a link similar to the one existin in e-mail notifications "View Discussion" that jumps right into the correct comment within the discussion.


October 3, 2013


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