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"Your mother has a restaurant."

Translation:Moren din har en restaurant.

June 9, 2015



I've taken few lessons with a private teacher, and one of the few things she taught me was that "Mora min" or "Dattera min" (the possessive after the family member) is a non elegant form. Instead, she suggested me to use a proper form such as "Min mor", "Min far", etc.

In all the exercise here only the first form is ever found, and I was wondering if I'm not learning the wrong forms


I think most Norwegians would use the forms we teach here. "Min mor" and "Min far" sounds quite formal.


This is a good reason to get some outside reference and read some other materials. You'll get a much better idea exactly which forms are applicable where if you read them in gossip magazines/newspapers/letters to friends, etc.

It's fine to argue whether something is to formal or not, but it's difficult to get a sense of when to use something or avoid it with just someone telling you.


Hey, guys. Why can't I say - moren di?



The -en ending is for 'male' nouns, di is for female ones. You cannot mix those. You are allowed to say either "mora di" OR moren din". You'll have to choose.


This seems like it should be an insult but i can't quite figure out why

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