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Esperanto to English course

Are there any plans for a English from Esperanto course? I know that there is still lots of work to be done on the current course, but I'm hoping maybe once it has graduated to alpha and the skills that were dropped to get it to beta quickly are added back in it might happen. It seems like it would be very good practice for those who finish the current tree as well as for those actually wanting to learn English.

Many thanks to the Esperanto team for the great job they're doing.

June 9, 2015



I don't think that they'll make an "English for Esperanto speakers" course as it would be almost exclusively used as a reverse course. There is just a tiny number of native speakers of Esperanto... And almost all Esperanto speakers speak English too. Everyone knows at least one different language.

It would be better to make some actual course for advanced learners... But Duolingo's approach really works best for the basic skills. At some point, translating sentences is just not enough. You need actual human feedback to improve your style because languages get to complex to be handled automatically.

It's more likely that there will be "Esperanto for X speakers" added.... But that needs time too.


If you say "Almost all Esperanto speakers speak English too." then you haven't used it in Brazil, Russia, China or Japan. When I was speaking Esperanto in these countries, very few of them could speak English. English is just so hard! Also, a lot of people I met in Eastern Europe can speak decent German, but not English.

Now yes, some of them can "speak" English. That is if you mean basic greetings or being able to ask for directions. But to actually hold a full conversation, I'd say maybe 5% of Esperanto speakers in these countries can speak English at a conversational level. Having said all that, I still don't think there would be enough demand from Esperanto speakers for an English course to make the effort worthwhile. I could be wrong though.


Of course, but let's take for example a native Persian speaker who only knows Persian. That person learned Esperanto, due to it being extremely easy, and know that person wants to learn English, but sadly, there isn't an "English for Persian speakers" course on Duolingo, so Esperanto could be used in that way. :P


I don't know how easy it is to make a reverse tree once you have a tree, but I think they should do it in every language. If the first tree could be considered basic, doing the reverse is almost a next level beginner/intermed.

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