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"Добрий день, студенти і батьки!"

Translation:Good afternoon, students and parents!

June 9, 2015



I have also seen "Доброго дня" What is more common?


Both are common. You can say to someone "Доброго дня" and he will answer you "Добрий день".

"Доброго дня" is like "(I am wishing you a) good afternoon", "добрий день" is like declaring that this afternoon is good.


Talking to a group of Ukrainian friends near Lviv right now. They say there is no difference.


I would argue that one correct translation of добрий день would be hello, since good day so very seldom used in English now, except in very formal contexts. I could see good afternoon, also.


Tough to hear the і after студенти, is it common to blend the і previous word?


It sounds like батьки is being pronounced бачки. Is that how it's supposed to sound?


This is because of palatalization: ть ('soft', palatalized) may sound more like ч (a palatal affricate) than т ('hard'). You can also hear this happening (twice) in a word like дядько. The д may sound a little like дз or дж.


I'm pretty sure that's right. I'm English speaking by school upbringing, but Polish-raised in my early years, so I've patiently listened to my Ukrainian, Russian- speaking wife explain to me that ть ('t' with the soft sign) is not the same as ч (ch). It is super-hard for someone with no slavic background to hear, let alone pronounce (I still haven't clocked it properly), but it's something like a chipmunk voice softly saying a go-between of 't' and 'ch'.


Забавная озвучка. Голос и интонации такие... ударно комсомольские прям.


So for this question and some others i dont do anything i just tap continue and it says im right is it supposed to do that or is mt thing being weird?

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