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"Almanya'da en büyük endüstri ne?"

Translation:What is the biggest industry in Germany?

June 9, 2015



what is the answer !!?


Probably the automotive industry :)


Beer industry


What about, "Almanya'daki en büyük endüstri ne?" I am recalling a sentence about the biggest city in Turkey that required -ki.


This is also accepted, and this sounds more natural.


That would be "What is the biggest industry that is in Turkey?", yes? My Turkish is not sufficient to say whether that way of expressing it is wrong (I would conclude based on the Duolingo course that it is a valid alternative), but just like the English translation of it it seems a little overcomplicated. My understanding of the -ki is that it would need to be pressed into action if you were going to add a verb to the sentence and turn the first part into a subject, eg, "Almanya'daki en büyük endüstri geçen yıl yavaşça arttı". Of course, it might just depend on whether the "Almanya'da" is considered to be modifying the entire sentence (no -ki) or just the subject (-ki)...


It should be: Which* is... not what is


Definitely not...that sounds quite strange, at least in American English.


Actually, it's just more formal. There is nothing grammatically incorrect about "Which industry is..." in American English. In fact, since you are implicitly asking to pick between options, it is more grammatically correct but less frequently used. It should be included as a correct solution.


You generally use "which" in English when you have a very limited set of possible answers and there are far too many possible industries for that. İ would even say "What day of the week is it?"


I began my answer with 'In Germany what is the biggest industry' and was given the 'corrected' version 'In Germany what IN the biggest industry' How can this be reported and changed?


Same for me. Reported twice. The system will catch up.


I used 'which' and was marked wrong. Which should be added to alternative correct answer otherwise a lot of people are going to get their answers wrong without any solid grammatical reason


Why is duo obsessed with germany

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