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"mi ŝatas ĝin" vs. "ĝi plaĉas al mi"

I was a little surprised that the authors of this course decided to choose "ŝati" over "plaĉi" for "like."

Was there a lot of discussion about which one to go with? Is "ŝati" becoming more common in colloquial Esperanto?

June 9, 2015



I've had both "ŝati" and "plaĉi" sentences. I think "plaĉi" comes later in the tree, though, so if you haven't seen it maybe you just haven't got there yet.


Same mi scivolas, "plaĉi" ŝajnas esti pli ofte uzata...

I too wondered about this. I think "plaĉi" is more common...


Interesting, I've heard ŝati a lot more often. In any case, we always accept both when translating into Esperanto! :)


That's great! When I originally learned Esperanto, the consensus seemed to be that ŝati tended to be used by English speakers who wanted to avoid the "plaĉas al mi" construction, which was considered more standard. (And more natural to speakers of Romance languages.)


a search in the corpus tekstaro.com gives 817 occurrences of plaĉi (search formula: \bplacx\VF) and 1019 occurrences of ŝati (\bsxat\VF).

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