"En søknad med cv og attester"

Translation:An application with résumé and letters of recommendation

June 9, 2015

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is there a better translation for attester? This is not excactly letters of recomendation but all of your certificates, diplomas, etc


I put references and it was accepted.

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You would not use "en attest" to refer to a diploma from education. You would use "et vitnemål" instead. So "en attest" is not quite as broad. In this context most Norwegians would think about a letter from a previous employer. That being said we do accept "certificate" in the exercise, but not as a best translation.


isn't vitnemål a list with your grades and subjects from school? isn't attest a document saying that you completed something? if you are done with a course you can get rather a vitnemål (grades) or an attest (kursbevis) At work you can also get a certificate saying that you have worked at that company, which is not necessarily a recommendation letter but it is an atttest.

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