"O limão é verde."

Translation:The lemon is green.

October 3, 2013

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It should be lime, lemons are not green in the English-speaking world!


Nós brasileiros usamos limão para as duas palavras, lemon and lime. O limão mais comum no Brasil é o lime, o verdinho.


Wow....never come across limão and there wasn't even a hint.....I hate guessing! That's not learning.


Anecdotal: when I was a teenager in Caracas in the late 90s, the farmer's market had 'Lima' (Key) limes and 'California' yellow lemons, and local mottled yellow-greenish sour citrus fruit somewhere in between, all called limones. Limones de Lima and so on.

When I was a kid in Brazil (Dad was a geologist, so we traveled around) I remember limao being a Meyer lemon-looking thing as big as a navel orange, and I remember eating them whole. As tart as a grapefruit.

I think it might be a whole different species, like a lemon-lime?

Apologies for no accents, I don't know how to do them on the phone.


Wouldn't a green lemon be off?


The opposite - it would need time to ripen. But a lime (typically green when fresh, yellow-green if it's a key lime or overripe) and a lemon (yellow when it's ready to eat) aren't the same fruit at all, any more than either one is a tangerine (though they're all closely and bizarrely interrelated).

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