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  5. "Har du några pengar?"

"Har du några pengar?"

Translation:Do you have any money?

June 9, 2015



I was thinking that duolingo is for free ??


Då , varför han frågar om jag har pengar ?!


Because my previous question was “Do you have any children”


@Emil walked into that one! :)


The given translation is 'Do you have any money?', but I suppose this sentence could also be translated as 'Do you have some money?', is that correct? The first one meaning to ask if somebody has any money at all (i.e. being not broke), where the second sentence could be used (by for example a beggar) to ask somebody to give them some money.


The second one is usually said as Har du lite pengar? in Swedish. Or just Har du pengar?


Tack så mycket för det snabbt svaret!


Yes in English. Duolingo is being way too literal here


What is wrong with "Have you some money?"


I answered "Have you any money?", and it marked me correct.


I answered "Have you any money?" and it marked me incorrect. It gives as correct answer: "Have you got any money?"


We only recently began accepting the "Have you?" construction, so it's missing in a lot of places. Please use the "report a problem" option to report where it's missing, and I'll get to it eventually. :)

Edit: Of course, I've added it to this sentence now as well!


Sometimes the translation is something we wouldnt really say in English, but the answer is a literal translation in order you learn the meaning of the words etc. But then following this logic I have learnt from using duolingo, sometimes i write a literal translation and it is wrong. I feel it should be one way or the other and more consistent. E.g Have you some money? In this example. Or im just guessing if this time I should write an answer how it is actually said or a literal translation.


The idea is that the translation should always be in acceptable English, so you should report the ones that aren't. That said, people will always disagree about what 'acceptable English' is.


Hmm... money is a plural word? Interesting!


Yes! It's possible to say en peng to mean 'a coin', but that's somewhat informal or even childish.


Yesssss, grandma

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