"Where are you?"

Translation:Hvor er du?

June 10, 2015

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I am a bit confused about the word "henne" in this sentence. Because I would translate "hvor er I henne" as a german: "wo seid ihr hin". and "where are you" would simply be: wo seid ihr.
So, "henne" makes a bit of a difference in the meaning, doesn't it?


I make a note of all the sentences, and the word "henne" isn't there (I am past this skill, so I must have done it at least once). It's not even in the Tips Sheet ... where has this sprung from?? It must have been here 4 years ago or there wouldn't be queries from that time ... but it's a new one on me.

Google Translate (yes, I had to resort to that!) says henne = her. So this sentence literally translates as "Where are you her?" Can anyone explain, please?


"henne" is one of those small words that we use that don't always have a translatable "value". But in this sentence you could translate "henne" to "at".

"Hvor er I henne?" - Where are you at?

That Google translate says this means "her" is wrong, it is either taking your input as a spelling mistake or it reads it as Norwegian. Check out ordbogen.com for single words. it's a paid service, but I think they have a couple of free searches per day.


Thanks very much for the information!


Is "Hvor er dig?" incorrect?


i dont think so, because "you" is the subject in the sentence, so it has to be "du"


shouldn't it be "hvor er du henne?" ??


Does hvor ligger du work?

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