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Isochrony of Irish?

I haven't seen a thread on this topic yet, and I can't find anything online. Which of these is Irish spoken by? I'm curious so I can more accurately 'speak' it.

stress timed, syllable timed, or mora timed

English is stress timed, Spanish is syllable timed, Japanese is mora timed, and Irish is...?

June 10, 2015



Here's a link to a paper comparing the rhythm of the 3 major dialects of Irish, which suggests that Irish is basically stress-timed, but that there are variations in the dialects.


If you listen to some Irish yourself (e.g. RaidiĆ³ na Gaeltachta), what does its timing sound like to you?


I can't REALLY tell, either stress or syllable timed. Sometimes it sounds like one or the other.

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