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"What do you want to ask me about?"

Translation:Hva vil du spørre meg om?

June 10, 2015



What is the difference between spørre and stille?


"å spørre" means to ask, "å stille" has a more general meaning. "Å stille et spørsmål" would be something like "To raise a question". Since "å spørre" and "et spørsmål" have the same stem, it sounds awkward to say "å spørre et spørsmål", but you'll hear some people do it.


So can you just switch "meg" and "om" around like in English to change the meaning to "What do you want to ask about me?"


kan jeg si "om hva vil du spørre meg"?


What is the difference between spørre and spør?


spør is the present tense (asks, is asking) of the infinitive verb spørre. What is weird is that normally the present tense verb is a longer word than the infinitive (by adding an r), but not in this case.


I still don't really understand what 'dere' means. Is it just another form of 'du'?


In English one uses 'you' for single person but also multiple people. In Norwegian there's a different form for those two cases. 'Du' is 'you' in singular form (You are a kind man), while 'dere' is 'you' in plural (You are wonderful people!).


Yes, or alternatively "du" = "thou".


Dere is the plural form. In english, it's the same both in singular and in plural form. But in Norwegian, it's not. Du is singular form and dere is plural.

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