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Time out on speed tests

I find it so frustrating in the speed tests when it times out and I am just finishing my answer. Surely the time could usefully be extended to include a final entry to improve the user interface?

October 3, 2013



That would be great. Otherwise you often learn nothing from the last answer since you haven't finished it and don't see the right answer if you get it wrong.


I agree. Also, it does not allow you to submit an answer in the last 2 or 3 seconds. I would like to see the clock stop automatically after you have a wrong answer to give you the chance to review your mistake and learn from it. Then you can manually start the clock again. If you got the answer correct, then the clock should keep on running as it does now.


Looking at what other people who have responded to this discussion think, I came up with this idea: In timed practice, when the timer runs out mid-question, Duolingo will automatically submit your answer to the question. Then, you can see if what you were thinking was right or wrong, and you might be close enough that your answer gets marked as almost correct (and in that case, you would still get credit for the question).


hmm I have the same issue but your answer would allow some one to always take their time on the last question get it right and get time for next last answer Ad infinitum. But if you did not get a time bonus seems reasonable. I am a slow inaccurate typist so this would be very helpful for me.


Today I was timed out because I took the time to REPORT something and when I came back to the test I'd been timed out!!!!! Ridiculous. DUO you need to do something about it.

In the past, I have only ever been timed out because I have to spell something like 'aujourd'hui' which seems to take me ages for some reason. The time is way too short for the typing required in a lot of cases. I sometimes type as the sentence begins but then I'm never sure I've heard the sentence properly so listen to it again. I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the timed tests and think they are a waste of my time.

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