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mobile interface

It would be better if the "Done" button on the mobile interface keyboard just dismissed the keyboard instead of submitting the response for grading. I have lost too many hearts by accidentally brushing the "Done" button while tapping the backspace key.

Presently, tapping the screen outside the answer box closes the keyboard. It would be good if the "Done" button did the same.

October 3, 2013



On iPhone I have pressed the 'check' button more times than I could care to count. It would perhaps be better to have the check button above the text box or input area. Anyway else have this problem or do I just have clumsy fingers?


This happens to me so often . . .


This drives me completely crazy. It bothers me enough to stop using Duolingo at times because of the pointless repetitions of questions because of this "feature". It is an obviously silly keyboard layout for several reasons:

1) The backspace key (I made a mistake) is right near the "check" or "done" key (I did not make a mistake).

2) There is already a HUGE check/done key in the middle of the screen, this key is not required.

3) Being at the bottom right of the display on a mobile, it is too easy to touch it even when repositioning the phone in ones hand.

I TRULY wish there was some way of turning this pointless and "dangerous" key off but I still haven't found a way (even switching to swiftkey brought no joy). I am only amazed that more people don't complain about it and how those who designed it actually thought it made sense in the first place.


I came to submit the same feedback. Disappointing to see its still an issue after more than six years. Somebody in the interface team clearly hanging on to some idealogical principle that's lost on the rest of us.

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