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"Nord-Ameriko kaj Sud-Ameriko estas kontinentoj."

Translation:North America and South America are continents.

June 10, 2015



In Brazil, we learn in school that North, Central and South America are only one continent: America. i.i


But sadly, USA people think that America is only their country.


English 101, "America" is a short way of saying United States of America. In Spanish you can call them Estados Unidos if you want and obviously América is the name of the continent. In English what we know as América is The Americas, simple.

Negatives to me.


That's nothing, fhey believe that latinamerica is from different world, they call us the rhird world!!!


Yeah, because Latin America and South America are poor countries.


They are not countries but regions..


I've never heard of the countries "South America" or "Latin America"... My globe my be outdated


Last i checked argentina and chile werent very poor. Ecuador is not so bad either


Very close-minded of you to think you know what a couple of hundred million people think. Sounds like anti-American bigotry to me. That. does not mean mean that I think everyone in your country is a bigot that would be wrong As You Are


Eu sou dominicano, eu j'a ouvi muitos estrangeiros dizer que moram em "Sudamerica" por exemplo. Para nos tambem ha uma America so....


That's the same everywhere, actually, the only problem is that they haven't got a real identity. There's just one America., and it's a continent inhabited by people coming from other continents. A multi-cultural continent, and it's call America.


Everywhere in the world, same in Europe


Verdade. O que eles estão escondendo de nós? rs


And they should be, I hope so...


Sentence is fine but if you ever wanted to know how this is both right and wrong here's CGPgrey's entertaining video on continents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uBcq1x7P34


Yes, since I learned Geography, North America and South America are one continent, not separated.


Well, technically they're separated by the Panama Canal, no?


Well, canals are man-made. North, South and Central should be taken as subcontinents.


No. The Panama Canal is built over land and the water is not fully connected (ships are lifted up and down). Most of the canal is made of a fresh water lake, that is, the Atlantic and the Pacific don't meet in Panama.

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By that logic, Europe and Asia also form one country.


How would one say "North and South America are ..." in order to avoid doubling the "America"? "Nord- kaj Sud-Ameriko estas ..."?


"Norda kaj Sud-Ameriko..." (?)


South Americans will tell you otherwise.


Not just them. It's the same in Europe.


Ne, sudameriko kaj nordameriko estas samajn kontinento


Vi pensas ke ankaŭ Eŭropo, Azio, kaj Afriko estas nur unu kontinento?


en via kazo , ĝi estas multe pli komplika ol en la amerika kontinento , do mi rezervos mian opinion


Unu aŭ du kontinentoj, estas la demando !


kiom vi bezonas? ;)


South americans will always fail in this one because they are one continent to us


In the lesson before, Usono was used for American but now America is completely different, being Amerika. Why is it so?


Because Amerika is the continent (or two, depending on the continent model you use).

Usono = United States of America.

Usonano = a person from USA.


Ah mi komprenas, dankon galvao, nun tre facila!

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I wondered that too.


Ameriko kaj Afro-eurasio estas la du kontinentoj.


Afrik-Eŭrazio estas superkontinento. Eŭropo, Azio, Afriko, Aŭstralio, kaj Antarkto estas kontinentoj. Ameriko estas aŭ superkontinento aŭ kontinento, sed neniam lando (Ameriko ne estas Usono). Nord- kaj Sudameriko (switching to English here) may be considered 'kontinentoj' or 'subkontinentoj', depending on whom you ask. And then there estas Centrameriko kaj Mezameriko. La Vikipedia artikolo pri Centra Ameriko diras "Mezameriko estas, ĝenerale, geografia termino, kaj Centra Ameriko, politika."


Anyone who thinks the Panama canal actually cut the continent in two should really, really go read up on it. The continent is still solidly connected both below and above the water line.

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Geologically speaking, that connection is recent. Three million years ago, North and South America were separated by ocean. If two continents touch, do they automatically become one?


Europe, Asia, and Africa are all connected as well. Europe and Asia are MUCH more connected than are the Americas.


Im so sick of this damn sentence.



Fixed ;)


Heeeey what about Central America ??? And I dont mean the center of the US by the way


Yeah, I've always been taught that the American continent is divided into three sub-continents, North America, South America, and Central America and the Caribbean.


Yeah, when I and my friends have to register in something and have to choose our contry, we look for the option Central America and it doesnt appear because our contries are enlisted in the option South America


I don't even live in Central America, and the inconsistency still annoys me. People say "Central America", "Latin America", "South America", "North America", etc. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to live there and have to deal with the naming inconsistency.


But the only continents are America and Afro-Eurasia


That solely depends on if you believe in the 7 continent (N.America, S.America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica) or 6 continent model (America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica).

For kicks I prefer the 4 continent model (America, Afro-Eurasia, Oceania, Antarctica) :P


America is ONE of the five continents of the World, please correct this.


America = North America + Central America + South America + Insular America (Antillean islands).


It really depends on the person whether or not they are one continent. Not everything is black and white, especially in geography


This sentence shouldn't be here. Puting wrong things are misleading and generates a lot of confusion (not to say discussion).


Actually it's pretty much correct. There are two big masses of lands: North America and South America. The istmus of Panama is something like the istmus of Suez. I find really ridiculous those guys who blame Teddy Roosevelt for "having divided the continet". The continent was geographically since its own formation. Millions of years ago the South American continent was part of Gondwana and the North American one was part of Laurasia.


Thats why I like the "worlds" division: Old World (Europe, Africa and Asia), New World (the whole Americas) and dunno the English term, maybe Newer World (Australia and Oceania, which doesn't fit any definition of 'continent' for all those islands). Plus Antartida.

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