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Need tips on Ukranian Keyboard memorization

  1. What is your technique? Having difficulty memorizing it and would like to know some tips.

  2. What does it mean when it is in "beta"? What features will be improved?

This language is an uncharted water. But I'd like to learn it because I heard it is close to Russian.

June 10, 2015



The best tip is to use a phonetic keyboard, which is much easier to learn. Check out the Russian version if you have a Mac, and typing і, ї and є is no problem with some practice.

Being in beta means that a lot of the translation work on the back-end is still being improved, so don't expect total stability.


I installed a Ukranian keyboard on windows. I simply switch from EN to UK by pressing alt+shift. I printed out this one:

Not sure if this is the right one but so far, most of letters are.


And it's not on the app while in Beta


From experience I can say that the "phonetic" keyboard is much easier to learn than the standard Ukrainian or Russian layouts for someone accustomed to keyboard layouts for the Latin alphabet. There is, of course, nothing actually "phonetic" about it. I guess they just named it that because they had no idea what to call it.


Can you touch-type? I think the absolute best thing to aid with the use of other writing systems on your keyboard would be to develop your touch-typing skills (which are of course intensively useful anyway in this day and age). If you know where the keys of the English language setup are without looking, it's not much of a stretch to adapt this for a new alphabet. This way, instead of thinking, ‘Well, I know I can find Щ on the O key’, you simply learn the motion required to produce Щ.

Try this method in combination with Letters lessons at the beginning of the Duolingo Ukrainian course (in order, so you can benefit from the fact that they introduce a limited number of letters at a time), and you'll find you quickly begin to map out the keyboard in your head (rather consciously at first, but eventually relegating it to muscle memory). It may take a few repeat runs of each lesson, but I suspect you'll find it very beneficial. It also saves you from having to resort to a phonetic layout or something like that which might then throw you completely should you ever use an authentic keyboard.

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