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"Har du forelesninger høyskolen?"

Translation:Do you have lectures at the college?

June 10, 2015



Maybe some of the confusion could be cleared up if, instead of talking about the difference between "college" and "university", we talk about the difference between "høyskole" and "universitet". Do some høyskoler offer graduate degrees, and if so, how are they different from universiteter?


OK folks, having run through this lesson for a fourth time without a good clarification on the differences between høyskoler and universiteter spurred me on to do some research.

It appears that there are two main differences between universiteter and høyskoler. The first is that the Norwegian government has granted the status of university to the first and not the second. The other main difference appears to be their histories. In the past, høyskoler traditionally emphasized academic programs less and emphasized vocational programs more (such as teacher education and nursing), as well as shorter technical education. That distinction seems to be of lesser importance these days. Remaining differences have been gradually reduced through legislation. Both now have the same structure, are governed by the same law, and have the same duty to offer researched-based education.


Excelent appreciation.


Does hoyskolen mean college as in university? (NZ English; college is often highschool)


A "høyskole" is tertiary education, same as university. Some offer only undergraduate degrees, but others have graduate and even doctoral degrees as well.


correct translation of "høyskole" is "university college" (used by the schools themselves).


To me, a college is an institute of tertiary education or TAFE (Technical and Further Education) that isn't a university. At uni, you get degrees.


Thank you for explaning alek-d.


It's an institution of higher education offering courses in many subjects, especially vocational or technical subjects.


Thanks, have a lingot.


Just to add to this, while college in England always used to mean tertiary education below degree level, so including vocational, for the last 10 years it seems that every secondary school (grades 7-13) is now a college. Unless of course it is an academy.


What a false friend!

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