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  5. "Her er nøglerne."

"Her er nøglerne."

Translation:Here are the keys.

June 10, 2015



disculpadme but, does this phrase mean as in English? when you give the keys away (to someone), you say so, like "take the keys you are asking me for"?? mange tak!


Yes, like the english version it could also be used when you find the keys after a search.


Hey it's great that you are trying to help but what you've written is confusing therefore it doesn't really answer the question. I would be very happy if you go again because I am also interested in this. Thanx in advance :)


"Her er nøglerne" can be used when you hand someone the keys, and also when you been looking for them and finally find them.


Here is the keys vs here are the keys.

Why one over the other?


In English "Here is the key" = Her er nøglen (Singular) Hope this explains it

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