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Esperanto on Connecticut Public Radio at 1pm today!

I'm proud to announce that Connecticut Public Radio is running an hour-long program about Esperanto today at 1pm (EST). They will be covering topics as wide as Lernu, Wikipedia, Ludisto and, of course, Duolingo. Guests will be Humphrey Tonkin (Retired President of the University of Hartford), Erin Piateski (Director of Lernu) and Chuck Smith (hey, that's me!).

To listen online, you can visit wnpr.org. At the top of the page there is a "listen live" button. Click that and you should be good to go!

June 10, 2015



I live in Connecticut!!!!! This makes it especially significant for me.


Thanks so much for sharing! Since Duolingo came out with the Esperanto course, I have been fascinated with the history or the language. Thank you again for sharing!


I'm grateful to all the adverts and stuff on NPR, cause otherwise I'd would've missed the start XD

[deactivated user]

    Bonega programo! (Mi kroĉetis dum mi aŭskultis...) ;-/


    Mi laŭte ridis, kiam mi legis tiun XD


    Thanks for letting us know about this, that was an entertaining listen! I missed a little bit towards the end, because my connection had a funny five minutes and I had to sit through an advert before it started again, grrr, but I had fun listening.

    I also cackled quite loudly about crochet derailing the thread, I remember that. Crocheters are taking over the world, one language at a time.

    Also I want to adopt Humphrey Tonkin as my replacement granddad, he seems awesome XD


    Yeah, it's quite funny, because Erin was one of the first Esperanto speakers I had contact with given that I was in Harrisburg, PA and she was living in DC. So, it's kinda surreal now for us to be interviewed together representing different major Esperanto projects on CT Public Radio. I've met Humphrey a few times, but we've always been rushing to something or another and never actually had a nice opportunity to sit down with him for a nice chat... well, besides this one now. ;)


    Hehehe yeah I can see how that might feel a bit odd!

    I think Humphrey made me laugh in almost every segment he was in. I kind of got the impression he's totally past caring if people think he's a bit nuts, and that he has a good sense of humour, two qualities I very much like :D

    (which will surprise exactly no one, I admit.)


    Bonega programo!


    Grandan dankon!


    Neniu scias podkaston adreson?


    Is this going to be available online for those of us who missed it?


    It's already available on the radio's website: http://wnpr.org/post/esperanto-internet-age Enjoy!


    It should be... I'd guess tomorrow.

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