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Including gender of nouns ((m) or (f)) in vocabulary list?

I'm not sure if this hasn't been asked already, but wouldn't it be nice to have the gender of words shown directly in the vocabulary list (like '(m)' or '(f)')? Now it's necessary to click a word to view its gender - viewing it in the list next to the word would be easier to study. Just a suggestion - otherwise duolingo is absolutely great!

October 3, 2013



This is on our radar. We have gotten requests for this in the past. Appreciate the feedback.


yes I totally would love it


Why couldn't you answer the last couple of requests? I even wrote to you in your stream. I wonder why I was ignored...


I asked for it (noun gender) to be added in the popups when you peek/hover on a word during a lesson, and they said it was being suggested to the team. I agree, it should be in the vocabulary list as well.


This is one of the most important review features for me. Both in the vocabulary lists and the hover card. For anyone learning a language with gender, it is absolutely essential to learn the gender (or article) along with the word. Learning the word by itself is almost meaningless from a production standpoint, although it's fine for recognition.


This is a must.German looks crippled without it.Keep up the good work.


Absolutely!! I have commented on this as well. I like to review the words listed on the unfurled scroll at the end of the lesson, and that includes the review of noun gender.


I noticed this morning they added the noun genders in the peeks. Yay!


Still no articles (el / la) added to the words in the Spanish Words list… quite disappointing :-(

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