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"Are you watching Turkish series?"

Translation:Türk dizilerini izliyor musun?

June 10, 2015



Shouldn't "Türk dizileri" be also accepted for "Turkish series" as well? There is no clear difference between the nationality and the language as far as i know when it "Turkish" in question. E.g: Turkish airlines -> Türk hava yollari


You can say "Türk dizilerini izliyor musun?" or "Türkçe dizileri izliyor musun?" but not "Türk dizileri izliyor musun?"

This is because you have the words (in nominative) "Türk dizileri" ve "Türkçe diziler"; the first one is a genitive construction, the second one is just an adjective and a noun


Why does it have to be in accusative here? It doesn't ask about some specific Turkish series.


I think it may be because of it being plural, in which case you do use the accusative ending, no matter what. I'm not sure how strict a rule this is.


I'd also like a clarification on this, please.


Türk dizileri izliyor musun is totally ok to me. Please be descriptivist at language learning.


May be, it's my English that I don't understand it well or that I looked wrong. You are saying that we cannot say Türk dizileri izliyor musun? but I am pretty sure that this sentence was exactly like that in the lesson itself (I mean not in the practice for the lesson) Why can't we use the genitive construction? I thought to have read under the discussion that we can use it this way? I am confused now. I will try to go back there. If I will find it, I will copy and paste to you.


You are saying that we cannot say Türk dizilerini izliyor musun? I have clearly not said that, that's indeed the correct answer :) please read my comment again


Sorry, that was a typo. I edited my comment above. I meant Türk dizileri izliyor musun and not Türk dizilerini izliyor musun. Sorry again.


Why can't you say that? I think it should be 'Are you watching the Turkish series?' because it has accusative.


That is exactly what I am thinking. For me it is different to say"I am looking (any) Turkish series" and "I am looking the (specific) Türkish series."


I have just read all these comments and actually the one thing that is completely wrong here is the question! A native English speaker would just never ever say 'are you watching Turkish series'. It means nothing without 'a' or 'the'.


Bende izliyorum :-)


Seyrediyorum vs izliyorum???


My Turkish teacher said that we use "izlemek" for live shows like matches and we have to use "seyretmek" for movies or TV shows which are not live. But ppl do not mention it in their daily conversations.


Why; izliyor musun and not izliyorsun?


Because then it would be a statement as there is no question word.


Why not "dizileri"? Why is the object definite?


I understood that "seyretmek" was the verb to use when looking at television or films in a sinema, am I wrong?


Evet, Çalıkuşu izliyorum :)

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