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Lesson on Family a bit short/not matching lesson plan?


I've just done the first lesson in the "Family" section.

The words that the lesson plan said I would receive were the following: "sønner, søster, datteren, brødres, far, mor, forældre"

However, in the lesson itself I never got "datteren" or "datter" (for "daughter"). Instead, I got "døtre" (for "daughters").

I also got "bror" (for "brother") but never any form of "brødre" (for "brothers").

I think it's kind of important when dealing with these sorts of irregular plurals that we're introduced to both the singular word and plural word. Especially with such basic words in the category. Otherwise it's highly likely we'll make mistakes.

To me, it would be helpful to look over some of the vocabulary to make it more systematic and ensure there's not this kind of gap. It might mean in this case that each lesson on Family needs to be slightly longer, or there might need to be 4 lessons instead of 3.

June 10, 2015



Hello. :) Thank you for the feedback. I see the problem. We realize that we might have put too many words per lesson. We can't make the lessons longer, but we can divide the words into more lessons, so there is a higher chance you will get to translate all the forms of the words. However, we are not able to do that at the moment, but it has been noted and will be discussed as soon as we will be able to make changes in the tree. :)


Great, thank you.

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