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  5. "Please have some fruits."

"Please have some fruits."

Translation:Bonvolu havi fruktojn.

June 10, 2015



Is there something wrong with "Bonvolu havi iom da fruktojn"?


I don't think so. I'd flag it! How do you flag an exercise after you've already moved on...


Good question, especially for the people who hesitates at the beginning.... I will mark this one.


Does 'havi' really also mean 'take, eat', as in English? As so often, I suspect that Duolingo tends to translate English, including its idioms, somewhat too literally. Native English speakers may not even notice it, but 'have some fruit (or cake, or whatever)' is rather idiomatic. I don't know of any other language that expresses this concept in the same way. Surely, if Esperanto adopts all these typically English idioms, that defeats the purpose of being a neutral language.

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