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Feedback on this translation?

I attempted to translate one of my favorite songs, I'd love to hear some feedback. English is not my native language, so some sentences are maybe a bit wonky.

Also, this was quite difficult for me as there is nynorsk in there as well as old norse prayer and references to Edda.

(I have no clue how to properly format posts on here, sorry)

Soli har venda, -- The sun has turned,

i haustinga ligg håpet. -- in the harvest lies the hope

Solrik sumar -- Sun-rich summer

og allgroande åkre. -- and all-growing fields

Til norne tri, -- To the three norns

vi ber dei spinna liv -- we ask you to spin life

i åker og i eng, -- in fields and meadows

i barm og i bringa. -- in bosom and chest

Er ár og friðar, -- A good year and peace,

når kornet stig or jordi. -- when the corn rises from the land

Om vordane lokka sin lokkesong. -- if the vords lured their luring song

På tidleg sådd åker -- On timely sown fields,

kan ikkje nokon lite. -- can no-one know little.

For mangt veit eg om vålyndt vêr. -- For many things I know about the changing weather.

Gro gro, lisle spire, -- Grow, grow little sprout,

dager gryr og mørket svinner. -- days grow and the darkness fades.

Sól har snudd -- The sun has turned

og hjulet det har venda. -- and the wheel has turned.

Sola vendar hausten sendar -- The sun turns the autumn sends

graset gulnar, blada fell -- the grass yellows, the leaves fall

lyse dagar er på hell. -- bright days are on the decline.

Til vordar og vettar, -- To vords and spirits,

vi takk gjev med vår song -- we give thanks with our song

for ár og friðar. -- for a good year and peace.

A link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW2oR5dkzJ8

June 10, 2015



Nice song, and translation!

This sentence needs a little work:

"På tidleg sådd åker kan ikkje nokon lite."
"In fields sown early, no one can/may (put their) trust."

(due to the shifting and uncertain spring weather.)

Å sette sin lit til noen (archaic, but still usable)
Å stole på noen (current)

To put one's trust(/faith) in somebody
To trust somebody


Tusen takk! That was a very hard sentence to translate, but this makes sense!


Bare hyggelig! It's a tricky one.


Another little detail: Vi ber dei spinna liv = We ask them to spin life. In Nynorsk: You (plural)= de. Them = dei

[deactivated user]

    Dette er veldig bra. ;D

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