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The new Duolingo for iOS 7!

We don't always redesign our app for iOS 7, but when we do, we prefer to go the whole way. From an entirely new look, to exciting screens showing your weekly progress, Duolingo has been completely redesigned for iPhone and iPad. It's faster, better, and more fun!

Be sure to update on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/duolingo-learn-languages-for/id570060128?mt=8

Learn more at: http://blog.duolingo.com/post/62995947540/a-new-duolingo-for-ios-7

October 3, 2013



From the blog:

"We’re also developing a redesign for Android and the web, so all our platforms will have a more unified look and feel."

Looking forward to it as I only use Duolingo web. I especially like the new skill icons that iOS 7 has now.


I also only use the web version. The mobile versions really need vocab lists, timed practice, and discussions.


it makes me sad to see that you haven't added discusions ;(


Nice username.:P


This update made me curious enough to finally install the app on my iPad mini :-)

Here are some thoughts:

  • I like to see the appearance of the app refreshed, but I'm a little upset that the iOS version now looks very different from the web version. I'm not a great fan of iOS 7 flat style, and personally, I liked the old style better - less childish and more refined. I liked the detailed old icons and of course the owl staring at me from above the tree. (And yes, I also ask, "Where is my trophy owl now?")

  • The skill tree scrolls not very smoothly on my iPad mini. The left column with stats and leaderboard is just fine. I hope the tree scroll can be fixed.

  • I love the animation of the lesson opening!

  • The new animations after completing a lesson look fun at first but seem too long afterwards. I would like to have the ability to skip the animations and go right back to my tree. Or, maybe they could be shortened a bit. Depends on what other users think.

  • When I see the animation after the lesson, I'm usually too impatient to get to the next lesson, so I don't pay much attention to the graph with my weekly progress. I'd like to see it on the main app screen or to have it displayed when I tap my skill progress bar or the streak indicator.

I'm likely to continue this list as I play with the app a little more. Hope this does not look like too much grumbling!


can't agree more with your fourth point. it's better to display the weekly progress when i want to see it. and for the 'quickly' and 'accurately' blabla.. a little bit annoying after long practice...anyway and again, a big around of applause for the Duolingo staff!


One question: WHERE'S MY TROPHY? :P


Your commitment to development is amazing, and nearly everything you introduce is great, but this new look is not thrilling me:

  • it makes poor use of screen real estate - which means much more time-consuming scrolling up and down to see which skills have decayed - the rectangle format was more efficient for this
  • the colour contrasts with the gold circles are less clear for some of the colours used
  • some functionality seems to have gone - others have mentioned loss of skill practice, you can also no longer see how many points to the next level - and I can't see this screen showing weekly progress (actually I have just read that this appears when you have done a lesson - but why can't it be accessible at all times?)

It feels like rearranging deckchairs when the effort could be going in to the most important thing, which would be getting the feedback options into the apps. With 80% of Duolingo use being via apps, the feedback loop that you rely on for improving the quality of initial translations is severely attenuated, especially at the further end of the skill trees. I am gritting my teeth daily in Italian at the moment.

(And PS I am surprised how much I miss the owls - and I never did find out why the clouds around them were sometimes grey and sometimes white!)


Very nicely done, the interface is quite improved. I particularly like the chart after lesson completion.

I only wish the leaderboard had options for weekly and monthly ranking, and not just for all time

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