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The new Duolingo for iOS 7!

We don't always redesign our app for iOS 7, but when we do, we prefer to go the whole way. From an entirely new look, to exciting screens showing your weekly progress, Duolingo has been completely redesigned for iPhone and iPad. It's faster, better, and more fun!

Be sure to update on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/duolingo-learn-languages-for/id570060128?mt=8

Learn more at: http://blog.duolingo.com/post/62995947540/a-new-duolingo-for-ios-7

October 3, 2013



From the blog:

"We’re also developing a redesign for Android and the web, so all our platforms will have a more unified look and feel."

Looking forward to it as I only use Duolingo web. I especially like the new skill icons that iOS 7 has now.


I also only use the web version. The mobile versions really need vocab lists, timed practice, and discussions.


it makes me sad to see that you haven't added discusions ;(


Nice username.:P


This update made me curious enough to finally install the app on my iPad mini :-)

Here are some thoughts:

  • I like to see the appearance of the app refreshed, but I'm a little upset that the iOS version now looks very different from the web version. I'm not a great fan of iOS 7 flat style, and personally, I liked the old style better - less childish and more refined. I liked the detailed old icons and of course the owl staring at me from above the tree. (And yes, I also ask, "Where is my trophy owl now?")

  • The skill tree scrolls not very smoothly on my iPad mini. The left column with stats and leaderboard is just fine. I hope the tree scroll can be fixed.

  • I love the animation of the lesson opening!

  • The new animations after completing a lesson look fun at first but seem too long afterwards. I would like to have the ability to skip the animations and go right back to my tree. Or, maybe they could be shortened a bit. Depends on what other users think.

  • When I see the animation after the lesson, I'm usually too impatient to get to the next lesson, so I don't pay much attention to the graph with my weekly progress. I'd like to see it on the main app screen or to have it displayed when I tap my skill progress bar or the streak indicator.

I'm likely to continue this list as I play with the app a little more. Hope this does not look like too much grumbling!


can't agree more with your fourth point. it's better to display the weekly progress when i want to see it. and for the 'quickly' and 'accurately' blabla.. a little bit annoying after long practice...anyway and again, a big around of applause for the Duolingo staff!


One question: WHERE'S MY TROPHY? :P


Your commitment to development is amazing, and nearly everything you introduce is great, but this new look is not thrilling me:

  • it makes poor use of screen real estate - which means much more time-consuming scrolling up and down to see which skills have decayed - the rectangle format was more efficient for this
  • the colour contrasts with the gold circles are less clear for some of the colours used
  • some functionality seems to have gone - others have mentioned loss of skill practice, you can also no longer see how many points to the next level - and I can't see this screen showing weekly progress (actually I have just read that this appears when you have done a lesson - but why can't it be accessible at all times?)

It feels like rearranging deckchairs when the effort could be going in to the most important thing, which would be getting the feedback options into the apps. With 80% of Duolingo use being via apps, the feedback loop that you rely on for improving the quality of initial translations is severely attenuated, especially at the further end of the skill trees. I am gritting my teeth daily in Italian at the moment.

(And PS I am surprised how much I miss the owls - and I never did find out why the clouds around them were sometimes grey and sometimes white!)


Very nicely done, the interface is quite improved. I particularly like the chart after lesson completion.

I only wish the leaderboard had options for weekly and monthly ranking, and not just for all time


Just updated on all my iOS platforms and it looks CLEAN n SWEET!


I have some suggestion to make for the latest version.

Firstly the graph statistics when we completed a practice is a nice feature. But it is taking a long time to load up and I felt redundant having to see it every time after a practice maybe can put this in the side bar for references.

Secondly I missed the sub category practice of the module. Instead of doing every single lesson in that skill, I would prefer the combined exercise like we used to have.

Thanks #TeamDL.


I didn't like it at first but now I love it. I especially like how it tells you the words you will be practicing before a lesson, and how after finishing a lesson it shows a comparison of your weekly progress.


I Love it. :) I am one of the persons only learning with the app so I am really happy to see a new updated version :)


It's kinda cool I like it. I love all the cool updates being released these past two weeks :).


I don't like it. I it colourless, flat and tasteless. No more owl :( and filling the golden bar does not feel as satisfactory as before. Looks like the network indicator of my phone :( I just like the animations when opening a skill.


Yes, it looks like a children's toy now. Also, when you go back to an already completed skill the progress indicators for the individual lessons are gone.


But has poor old Duo been made redundant? He hardly features apart from on the icon now. :(


He's coming back soon!


I really really hate with al my heart iOS 7. Seriously I am refraining from upgrading and even considering Apple products because of that horrible look. And all my favorite apps are now upgrading their look and feel to be consistent with their crappy choice and I can't do nothing but watch everything being ruined.

That being said, you, of all others, did a really good job in the new look and feel, and it feels a lot more fluid than before. But really the skeuomorphic UI of the old Duolingo was really beautiful and I hate seeing people changing something that works only because of the design choice of one guy. It's like being trapped in a fashion and not able to do anything about it.

At this time the logical next move would be to pass to Bootstrap 3.0 in order to have a constant UI.

I really hate where this is going.


A nice present on German Unification Day. Thank you.


This update is great, but being able to view the "discuss sentence" after answering would make the app SO much better. Whether or not I get a sentence correct, I'll sometimes be confused about something and almost always there is somebody who has answered it in the discussions. Not being able to do this in the app is kind of a bummer. I'm hoping it's coming soon! I really appreciate all your work, you guys are doing a fantastic job.


I absolutely freakin' love how nimble you guys are with your development. It seems like we get something new almost every week! A few points, most of which have already been touched on in comments prior to mine:

1) Scrolling through the skill list is now painfully slow on my iPad 3. :( Perhaps this is due to the 2048x1536 resolution; maybe it's smoother on the iPad 2 or iPhone. But it still bugs me.

2) I love the animation played when opening a skill!

3) I'd love to see equivalent functionality between the web and the app. In order of preference: discussion threads, the tips section for each skill, lingots. Do lingots earned in the app get added behind the scenes, ready for when you use the web client again? Who knows. :)

4) OMG love the graph. More graphs please.

So all in all, keep up the great work. I can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve next.


Honestly, I liked the older version. The animations are clean and all, but I feel that the new one is visually busy - which is counter to what Apple usually encourages with their app development guidelines.

Also, let's saturate everything in white! Can we get night mode when you guys revamp the iOS7 GUI again?


Just got it. Looks good.


Very cute! I liked it a lot!


It's pretty nice, but why can't I practice skills when they're full strength?

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I know! It's the one change that I'm really sorry about. I only tend to use the app, so being able to systematically practice certain skills was really helpful - I really hope they bring that back.


I've finished my tree, so this was pretty much the only thing I did on the app, or the computer. If I feel like I've forgotten a certain subject, I should still be able to practice it. Duo thinks I've got it down so I can't practice it? Come on.

[deactivated user]

    I agree; I prefer revising lessons as a whole rather than each separate section each time.


    Must be part of the SRS system. :) Yay, Memrise might be becoming obsolete for me!


    Yep. See this thread for how I fit it in with DL. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/868636


    Interesting find. You definitely used to be able to practice gold skills


    I haven't seen it yet, but I would be very unhappy to lose this. It is very important to me to be free to decide what to practice.


    I seem to be able to practice full strength skills. Are you talking about when you click a category on the skill tree - Basics 1 for example - and then on the right it has "Practice Skill"? Because mine is full and I can still click it and it takes me to a lesson.


    Yeah that's what I'm talking about. Are you sure you have the update?


    Ah, my apologies - I do have the update, however I was talking about on the website. I can still practice them if i'm using the website, but I just checked my iPhone and iPad and it's not available :( Sorry for the confusion!


    You can still do the more general Strengthen Skills on the left. I actually like this better because it throws more curve balls from each lesson.


    I just found the practice spot when we’re at full strength under the heart icon.


    Super awesome A+++ I love the new layout


    I'm really liking the app, but I'm really hoping we can get to the point of spending lingots on the app.


    WIth the new app, my first feeling was "Nooo this isn't the original app!" which I think is pretty common reaction. I like the new font and actual style of the lessons. However the icons with the bars aren't coming off as my favorite yet. (The image on the icons are okay. But I think it also has to do with the circles.) Since you do have the weekly progress come up at the end, it'd be really cool if there was a way to see that BESIDES completeing a lesson! The other feature I like is that it tells you very specifically which part the lesson is focusing on! The website only has a general sample words for an entire lesson "series," but I would like to see this lesson-by-lesson thing adapted to the website as well! Thanks again for all your hard word Duolingo!


    I've just got it. New design looks good except volume bar-like progress indicators. They might be nicer. The best part are the colorful buttons.

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    Wow! Wow! Wow! (or is it Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! ...?). The new iOS 7 interface is AWESOME! Well done Duolngo.


    Love it, but I'm not able to hear my recorded phrases play back. Is tthat normal or am I doing something wrong. Don't see any access to settings so I don't know. thx


    To get to settings, tap the gear icon in the upper left corner :-)


    thanks - that's what I was looking for (only available when not in a lesson), but I had everything set right and it still doesn't play back my recordings although it does know whether I said them right. Am I correct in thinking I should be able to hear them back? Also, sure would be nice to be able to pause a lesson, no?

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    Don't think the apps record your voice to allow you to hear a playback in the same way as the web version. At least I've never come across that function in the iPad app.


    Sorry, I don't know about playing back your recordings. I turned off the microphone the first thing because I'm almost never alone and too shy to speak aloud to my iPad :D

    I don't think pausing a lesson is really necessary as the lessons are not very long and in most situations you can finish a lesson before having a break. Even if you suddenly get very busy with something else, you won't lose much if you quit an unfinished lesson.


    Woot! Looks pretty slick! Can't wait for the Android and web update! :D


    looking forward for the Android update. I wish it has the same feature as on the iOS.


    I do like the iOS update more than I like the web-side update. I still do miss the "path" between the various units, but I'll cope.


    Loved the new redesign. Fonts, design aesthetic matches Letterpress on many levels, it's more fun & gamified to use now. Looking forward to new features and Language Incubator. Good job guys!


    UN BE LIEV ABLE!! Great!!


    This new update is awesome!


    The chart is a great addition! Very well executed. (And I'll disagree with the people who said they don't want to see it after every lesson; I find it quite motivating.)


    It looks so great!! Thank you so much to you Luis and the whole DuoLingo-Team! - Another idea came to my mind: How about a web based version of DuoLingo for mobiles that aren't iOS, Android, WP, Blackberry and the more known ones? I think there are Millions of people in poor countries in Africa or Asia that maybe can't afford such phone but use phones that can access the web only or using J2ME apps (Java). I don't know if J2ME would be the best, I rather suggest a web based service like a DuoLingo web-app. What do you think? I do think that there are the most users to reach and the fastest growth among them is very easily possible. Think about it, very important. -

    Glorious weekend! Beachiano


    I think the new update is great. I like the look and all. I agree that we should be allowed to practice fully completed skills. I am quite new to Duolingo, but I really would like to be able to access the explanations you get on the website every time you click on a skill, on the iOS app.


    Where’s the practice funtion?


    Ok, I found it by selecting the heart in the upper right hand corner.

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