"Elger er skandinaviske dyr."

Translation:Moose are Scandinavian animals.

June 10, 2015



Cladistically, one would not be quite correct in stating that "Moose are Scandinavian animals". Rather it would be more correct to say "Moose are North American animals". This is because there are 9 subspecies of "Alces alces", each with their own common name. The subspecies that occurs in Scandinavia is "Alces alces alces" with the recognised English common name of Eurasian Elk. The 4 subspecies of North American Alces alces are commonly referred to as moose. For example Alces alces shirasi, commonly found in Yellowstone, has the common name of Shiras Moose. Therefore for this sentence, the better translation is "Elk are Scandinavian animals". As a wildlife photographer, these things matter to us ;-)

June 17, 2015


Once I get home, I will give you a lingot for that sick lesson

December 10, 2015


Alces alces alces XD And I thought Rattus rattus was lazy!!

July 17, 2015


Elk are Scandinavian animals.

Moose are American animals.

April 25, 2016


North American. Elk are also North American animals.

August 28, 2017

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The elk in North America are also known as wapiti. They're very different than Eurasian elk. :0)

March 25, 2018


Elk can be used a plural in the same way as moose , sheep , cattle etc :-)

June 10, 2015

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Accepted now.

June 10, 2015


Of course, America has species of things we call elk also, although, maybe someplaces classify then as type of deer?

May 12, 2017


How would one differentiate between Moose and Elk when speaking Norwegian? Just using context?

November 2, 2017
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