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  5. "En av kattene sover."

"En av kattene sover."

Translation:One of the cats sleeps.

June 10, 2015



Is it not "én" instead of "en"? And is the pronunciation of " av" like "af"? Or the sound of the v is softer than f?


It's "én" if you want to stress the number, and "en" if you don't.

The v in "av" when used to mean "of" (as opposed to "off") is very soft, to the point that it's almost inaudible in some dialects.


I've noticed that in several words, most even -- the softened V. Is that the general pronunciation in most Norwegian dialects?


Would "One of the cats are sleeping" Be correct?


No, one = singular: is sleeping.


I don't see why it's not because that is correct English, when you say 'one of the cats', it's like saying 'they', 'they are sleeping'.


But here you are talking about one of the cats (singular) and not some of them/all of them (plural)


What's the difference between "they" and "one of them"? You can imagine "One of the cats sleeps/is sleeping" as, there're many cats, they are jumping, running, doing all kinds of things and one, only one, is sleeping, e. i. one of the cats is sleeping.


They is plural therefore you'd say one of the cats IT is sleeping. One of the cats IS asleep


'Kay, I had understood that Norwegian had no word for "of" and it was just "kopp kaffe" kind of thing. Can someone explain when you use "av" and when not to?


I'm no expert but I Think you use of when you are specifying "out of" a group like one of us- one of our group. A cup of coffee isn't one out of several , it's just a cuppa!


"Of" is one of those little words with too many meanings.


Should "one of the cats sleep" be correct? This is how i would say it in English. "One of the cats sleeps" i think is wrong.


"One of the cats sleep" is incorrect, as the subject is singular: only one cat is sleeping.


Should one of the cats is sleeping be correct?


I suspect that this is answered above. That question included quotation marks.

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