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  5. "Het meisje ziet mij."

"Het meisje ziet mij."

Translation:The girl sees me.

June 10, 2015



Can you also say "Het meisje ziet me" ?


Yes, that's also correct.


I got the answer wrong and i wrote 'me'... should i report it?


It's in the system so there must have been a mistake in your sentence. A common mistake is using de instead of het.

Also note that for a type what you hear exercise only mij is correct due to the difference in pronunciation.


As its a hearing exercise it wants you to type whatever is spoken. In this case 'mij' and not 'me'. Other places 'me' works fine.


it can be a heating exercise for some and a translation for others

[deactivated user]

    I cannot make the difference between me and mij. How and when am I supposed to use either or?


    Use mij as a stressed pronoun, so using mij is kinda like the dutch version of putting emphasis on certain words to show importance in english.


    Why "the girl is seeing me" is not acceptable ?!


    Because "see" is a stative verb and takes a different meaning used in continuous form. In your sentence, it would mean that the girl is having a meeting with you, not that she sees you with her eyes.


    I have seen meisje written with 'het' and with 'de' and I still can't figure out when I would use one or the other

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