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Is "Strengthen Skills" Broken?

For the past few days, Strengthen Skills has completely changed for me (learning German). It used to be a variety of skills and sentences. But now, it's just the same one or two sentences over and over for the entire lesson. It's not helpful at all. All of my skills are gold, but they have been for the last few weeks, so that hasn't changed. Also, I'm only getting 5XP from some of the lessons, even if I get all of the questions right. Is anyone else experiencing this?

June 10, 2015



Hmm, I have noticed the "Strengthen Skills" feature to be a slight bit buggy as of late, but nothing to the extremes that you speak of.

Until the problem is rectified, try looking over which words you need strengthened (either by Duo's algorithms or by your own intuition) and just review those skills until you feel comfortable with your recognition.

Viel Glück!

June 10, 2015


I've had this happen in the past. It's a bit better now that I've studied some more lessons. I think it's run out of things you need to strengthen, and just ends up picking the same few things over and over. Most annoying.

I practiced "Gewöhnlich, ja" about ten thousand times the other week. That was really fun.

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