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"Lia domo estas trans la strato."

Translation:His house is across the street.

June 10, 2015



Not in the middle of the street??!?


I believe that would be, Nia domo, en la mezo de nia strato.


Re-word it as Nia dom', en la mezo de la strat', nia dom' and then you can sing it too. :)


Time for a new youtube gem Tim. I want to see you do that. Also what is the Esperanto for baggy? Just for the follow up single you understand.


That being said it is still possible to sing the full words, because the actual song leaves plenty of space. You have to be fairly quick though!


Could anyone explain how his house is across the street? If it's possible!


(in case someone else has the same question)

I wrote
His house is on the other side of the street.
and it got marked as correct, so

trans = across, (on) the other side (of)


I'm not sure what the misunderstanding is. It's another way of saying "His house is opposite." There's no movement involved, it's just describing where the house is.

Does that help?


If you're not a native English speaker, and you take it literally, it might be taken as the house is placed on top of the street, stretching with one wall on one side of the street and the other wall on the other side of the street..

Truly a mess for the commuters.


For the record, the English word for that image is "astride", literally meaning to have one leg on each side. Google translates this as kvazaŭ kavaliro, apparently referring to a knight on horseback.


Thanks. To make sure, Does that mean that his house is on the opposite side of the road "La domo estas ali-flanka" ?


"Across the street" means "on the other side of the street [from some point of reference]."


Thanks. I understand now. :)

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