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Add a new language Hebrew

Hi this is Taylor and I was wondering if Hebrew could be added to the list of languages. My friend and I LOVE this website and we hope that more people find this sight!

October 3, 2013



Taylor, there will likely be such an opportunity after the language incubator program is introduced on October 9th. People who know Hebrew and other languages not currently available on DuoLingo will be asked to assist in developing programs to teach others their languages. Hope you'll have the opportunity soon.


רעיון לא רע בכלל,

תוכל להתחיל פרוייקט בדואלינגו-אינקובטור שעומד לצאת ממש בקרוב

אני אשמח לתרום ^_^


hey banay how do you write in hebrew? do u need a special key board?

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