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Help! Need Duolingo e-mail addr for questions

Some time ago, I e-mailed a question to Duolingo and got a reply. Now I can't find the address anywhere! I have completely screwed up my account and can't use it at all, so I REALLY need help! I miss my French lessons very much! Thanks so much for any info you could give me on any way to present a question to Duolingo.

December 27, 2012



Sometimes the Duolingo staff read the forums and they may see your question. I just went and searched for an email for you and found their Twitter @Duolingo and their email address is feedback@duolingo.com. Good luck!


Thanks for the e-mail address for duolingo! I really didn't know where to turn.

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What problem are you having with your French lessons? You should try to use the feedback button on the left side of the screen to provide us with feedback since we get things like your username and IP address along with your message.


Thanks for pointing out the feedback box! I hadn't noticed it and was out of options.

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