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  5. "It can get difficult."

"It can get difficult."

Translation:Det kan bli vanskelig.

June 10, 2015



This is a big problem of mine... When to use å være and when to use å bli?


the earlier is closer in meaning to "to be' while the later is " to become"


Why does få not work in place of bli?


Because not a single norwegian says it that way (some things just don't translate literally).

Norwegian "få" can only mean to get as in getting a gift or a service (etc)., not to get as in to become (få can also be used in some other ways, but not as a substitute to bli).


why does gå not fit in place of bli?


I would like to know that too


Because "gå" is "go" but I assume you mean "få" which is "get." However "get" here isn't transliterated as "become".

For example: "Visste du, om jul jeg skal bli kommer til Norge for besøker deg!" or, "Did you know, at Christmas I'll be getting to come visit you in Norway!"

** (This is a somewhat rough and 'forced' translation, however, and is more-or-less literally "Did you know, about Christmas I will become coming to Norway to visit you!"

[apologies if I made any mistakes; I'm not a native speaker of Norwegian]


Kan vi si "det kan komme til å være vanskelig"?


What about "Det kan gjør vanskelig" ?


Unfortunately not. That would mean "it can do difficult".

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