"Bu kimin şemsiyesi?"

Translation:Whose umbrella is this?

June 10, 2015



The tooltip is not working properly for "şimsiyesi" - it does not give the hint that it means "umbrella"

October 14, 2015


How is Semsiyesi third person plural?

June 10, 2015


it is third person singular actually. şemsiye-si

June 10, 2015


You mean "şemsiyeleri"? (Their umbrellas)

July 9, 2015


Is this used only for things protecting against the sun (to give shade) or also against the rain?

June 22, 2015


It is used for both.

August 20, 2015


İs this word Turkish origin or not? This word makes me think of the word شمسية from Arabic. The root word is شمس which means sun.

Edit: I've checked it in my Arabic dictionary, شمسية (şamsiyah) means umbrella. Bu kelime kesinlikle arapçadan. "Kelime" de arapçadan.

January 4, 2016


It is from Arabic :)

January 4, 2016


Is <whose this umbrella> wrong English?

March 31, 2017


Yes, it is.

The verb is missing, so it is not a complete sentence.

And it's not a noun phrase, either, since the two determiners "whose" and "this" can't both stand before the same noun like that.

April 1, 2017


Oh, so in this instance "is" is the verb?

April 8, 2017


That's right.

April 8, 2017


"Parasol" was not accepted as a translation of şemsiye, although that is technically the most accurate translation. Is şemsiye regularly used for a rain umbrella rather than yağmurluk? (I am thinking of the difference in German between Sonneschirm and Regenschirm). I realize that Turkey's climate is different from northern Europe, so perhaps the distinction may be unimportant there.

November 17, 2018


If you allow I will play guessing, as Turkish is my weaker side. Şems is sun when translating from Arabic. But in Turkish sun is guneş. And on google translate "parasol" is Guneş şemsiyesi. I mean, for me, there is sense to say guneş şems... for parasol. Sorry if I am wrong.

November 17, 2018


whose umbrella this is was tru!!!!

February 23, 2019


“Whose umbrella this is?” is not correct in English.

And “true” is not the correct word here, either.

February 23, 2019


Whose umbrella is this? is not accepted but we would say this in England

June 29, 2019
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