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Suggestion: Advance tree

I have been using Duolingo and I would like to say thanks to the team. I would like to recommend Duolingo to create an advanced tree for specific fields such as Science, Arts or History. Maybe users in the future could create branches that delve deeper into these fields after learning the basics of course. I hope Duolingo would look into this. Sorry for the long posts.

October 3, 2013



Sounds very Memrise-esque.


It sounds like Memrise but we have these exercise such as Tech 1, History 1 and so on. I think a few exercises are not enough so I would like to see more exercises that specialized in that area.


That would be pretty great, but maybe down the road.. I mean, I guess there's other more important things to do before ultraspecialization.


That's only true if the Duolingo staff is doing all the work. In reading other posts about what's coming soon, it sounds like the community will be able to submit new vocabulary. Specialized areas of vocabulary would be perfect for this community contribution, and I'd love to expand my vocabulary beyond 1800 words.


I agree with Elphinstone that the specialized advanced trees would be a great idea, and I agree with danvanderboom that the new incubator system could be just the thing to facilitate such trees. Great ideas!


It would be useful for us when we translate articles for Duolingo since some articles are scientific while others are geared towards Art and Literature or History. So I think that introducing this would be good since we are equipped with more vocabulary in that area which would help our reading.

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