New friends!

Hey peoples!! So...I want, I need to make new friends, a new friendship! Please, I am a good girl, I like many things....and I want to try my English so talk to me please!!

June 10, 2015

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I don't have friends, I want too :/

Hello, I want too pratice...

Yes!!! sorry for the delay

hello, good week

hello if you want, add me in skype, my skype id is diglopes

Caramba. Eu consegui ler tudo aqui! To me sentindo o Joel Santana, ( ‾ʖ̫‾).

Congrads man, isso ae :)

Hello Gabii. I like very much english language and I want practice more,

I need pratice more, too!

Legal a iniciativa, mas uma pequena correção (não se sinta ofendida), people já é plural de pessoas, então você não coloca o "s" no final da palavra ;D

Se eu puder ajudar em algo, só chamar :D

i want friends to learn english

hi,i want to try my english too,folow me and talk if you want!

Hi, I am beginner in the site and I want to meet new people too.

Hey, if you watch series, we'll be good friends haha.

Hi! I watch series, actually, Im totally addicted! haha I just started here and Im trying to understand how it works .. if u wanna practice sometime, let me know! ^^

I can see you play games :L. Right? ^^

Yes, I do. I used to play more often, nowadays Im running out of time.

Hey I get you, I'm totally addicted too. Following now ;D


Hi, i want to make new friends too!! Follow me and let's talk!!!!

Hi, Gabi. I´m following you. Let´s learn together!

hello , i use the skype for comunication, it´s wonderful for pratice to speak and write , add me, jean.wilderson, welcome !!

Hello good girl that like many things, how are you?

i can try =D, i love english but my mission at moment is italian Exchange :O

hi, my names is eric, too want to make new friends and to try my english :) if you want call me, you cant talk with me!!!!

hey, how are you? i want be your new friend! i am always available... i am play

Hi my friends, I'm new here and i want make new friends in the Duo Lingo, i want practice my English and yours too :) add me for we talk ,my english is so bad HELP ME !!

Hi! I need to practice my conversation, if you want it too, just follow...

Hi my friend how are you ?, I am new here i would like to make friends, i really like speak english

Hi Gabii, how are you? What your age? I am Fernando Nunes i'm 23 years old how you said i'm good man, i like many things how go out with my friends, drink beer some times. What do you like more in your life?

hey Gabi, how are u?, I need to talk in english too. I'm not a nice guy, but I behave hahahaa, sorry, it's joke. I love, music, architecture, movies, theater plays and tv series. And u?

i love architecture

Hello João, how are u? I'm Rafael, from Recife, and u?

Hello Rapha, I'm fine, and u? I'm from Recife too.

Hi i´m a little fluent in english so if you want it i can help :D

How are you people? I'm new here. Why are you alone?

Hello! I want to try my english too, there are many thing that i don't know, add me!

He! I am new here! How are you?

Hi, I want to meet new people too..

I need new friends.

Hey! I would like to practice writing in English. I'll add you! Write me! Bye!

Hello .. I am new here. I speak little English. I want to make new friends to practice English.

Hi, add me. I'm lonely in Duolingo

Hey! Let's go! (;

Helloo I can to be your new friend :D

Hi brothes and sisters!!! Iam here!!! I would like talk wih you...

hi girl, my new friends

Hello Gabii, i'm Antonio Roberto, i'm from Brazil and i live in Rio de Janeiro. I'm a theacher of chemistry and biology.

How are you?

Hello Gabi, How're you?

Hi Gabi. How are you? Yeah. I need to practice as well.

Eiii galera eu tambem quero amigos de estudos me add ai

I want to practice my english with my friends.

Hi guys ! please add me... I nedd friends to improve my English!!! see you. bye

I have no friend here. Someone to follow me? Please...

Hi :v I want friends to speak in english :v

Hello Gabi, Are you from ? wher are you girl ?

hello, so talk to me!

I think that you would like talking english with me.. and the perfect place should be whatsapp, you can send me your number in my profile if you want to. Cya, enjoy the experience.

add me then and there

I have a good english and we can talk, i just have to fix something in my computer than I talk to you and we can speak english

Hi, How are you?my name is Wagner Neves.I'm musician,I play saxofone and flute. I live in brazil.What place in USA do you Live?I'd like of learn a little bit of English I'm starting now. I'm studying at school of language here in city São Caetano do Sul on the São Paulo. Do you study?

Tá procurando... zanahoria...

Hey, guys! Wussup? If anybody here need to practice, just follow me and let's practice.

Hi, I too need friends, so, lets go!

Ok Gabii, I am learning English, and I would like to be your friend.

Hi Gabi, how are you? I'm Gabriel aka Slow, i'm from Brazil

Parece que agora conseguiu bastante amigos. rs

of course !! good week, see you later !!

Me add, please! i need to talk!!!!!

Add me on the Facebook. Let's learn together, How do you think?

My facebook: Adam Rutcheri

Hi Gabii, how are you, it's nice too meet you!

You only made a mistake, you wrote peoples, and people is plural already. person = pessoa people = pessoas.

Hello...I looking por friend to talk...My skype is: joserobertoverde

hiii, you is directionr??

Send a message with the phone number to my cell I add, I set up a group called Friends of Duolingo. If you want you can go through email to

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