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  5. I finished the Esperanto tree!


I finished the Esperanto tree!

I finished my second tree, the Esperanto tree! Yay! :P I started out quite optimistic. After all, this was supposed to be an easy language. I went through the first three checkpoints undaunted, and Esperanto was up to my expectations. Then I started to struggle. The grammar was easy, but I would often forget vocabulary as soon as I moved onto the next skill. I was moving way too quickly. But then I stopped and thought of all the reasons I was learning Esperanto. I really wanted to be connected to the world, and Esperanto was so beautiful in its own way. Then I found some Esperanto songs that I loved, and listened to them as I completed the tree (a bit slower this time around). I don’t know why, but songs are great motivation for me when it comes to learning languages. Before I knew it, I was on the last skill! I have a pretty basic level of Esperanto right now, but I’m still trying to recall things I learned from the last section of the tree. Esperanto, like any other language, will need practice. But the course gave me a big foundation for learning more, and it was a fun experience.

So that’s my story. Onto the real stuff, what I liked and disliked about the tree.

I liked the fact that the creators made the sentences fun and enjoyable. It was nice to see that the creators put thought into the sentences. I also liked the grammar notes, which were far from absent. They were in almost all of the skills. I also liked how the course incorporated some Esperanto culture, like the word “mojosa” and the Pasporta Servo. But I felt that the course was a bit short. I would have liked more vocabulary, and some more stuff in general. But I loved the Esperanto course, and it was so nice going through it. Anyways, stay tuned when I yell timber and topple my next tree. Hopefully it’ll be just as enjoyable. Until next time. :) -M

June 11, 2015




I believe there's another round of more skill-levels coming --- that the course is short only because they wanted to release the current batch of content as early as possible.


According to the picture at the bottom of this page there will be 8 more skills plus 2 bonus skills.


Cool! I hope the flirting skill's good. :P


Of course it is!


I assume you'll have tried out all the phrases personally and can verify that they work well? :)


Hmmm... I love bonus skills, but I don't see Christmas one... That makes me sad :c Is there any chance, that it will appear?



Do you know how to say, "Do you know how to say, 'lingots'"? in Esperanto.

You sir, belong in the Esperanto Hall of Fame!

Who among the legitimate contestants will reach level 25 in Esperanto first?



"Lingotoj", mi pensas.


"ingotoj", fakte (sen L vort-komence) "ingotoj" actually (no L at the begining of the word).


The course is not yet "stable" (still in beta) so it's likely to change, with more vocab and skills.


Gratulon! And I do agree with you on the sentences! There was one that was something like Li ne havas patron, sed havas du patrinojn. :)


My favorite sentence so far is "Viaj ursoj trinkas mian bieron." Is this a problem at Esperonto gatherings?


En Esperantaj renkontiĝoj pli ofte bieron drinkas aligatoroj :-P


That's a new one on me! Love it :D


Hopefully that one will go down in Esperanto folklore!


Gratulon! Tio estas bela sukceso!

Legado de Libera Folio, gazetoj kaj simile estas tre bona por plua lernado kaj mi rekomendas! Ĉu vi konas http://kantaro.ikso.net ? Tie vi trovos multajn kantojn en Esperanto - teksto kaj ofte ankaŭ video aŭ sono. Alia maniero por plue lerni estas post kelka tempo reveni al Duolingo-kurso kaj provi alternativajn tradukojn (ekz. ŝanĝi ordon de vortoj) por scii, ĉu ili funkcias. Nun multaj alternativaj tradukoj ne funkcias, do se vi vere kredas, ke via traduko estas bona, raportu ĝin - ankaŭ raportado helpas al vi :-P


Kaj al ni! :)


Remember, this course is still in beta, and is likely to grow and improve.


Gratulon! And I agree on the sentences. There are definitely some great ones in the course!

Are you planning on regilding to get your whole tree gold? That's what I'm (very slowly) working on now.


Maybe, but I think reading La Libera Folio would be a better way to help me.


You should also try to complete the beginner exam on lernu.net, this will also give you a gazeto (magazine) in Esperanto sent home to you totally free, I did this and the magazine was a really interesting read with lots of bits from the EO community and also scientific discussion and articles about trending topics. You can choose between two magazines, but I recommend Kontakto.

Edit: Congratulations on completing the tree!


May I ask when exactly you passed your lernu.net exam?


December 2014 I passed Lingvoekzameno, nivelo A (baza).


I went for Kontakto in the end so it makes me happy to read this!


Amazing! I hope to finish it soon :)


Great stuff, M. I hope to join your ranks soon!


Congratulations! :D


Congratulations! I myself am not done with the course but words are already slipping away from me too (practically every word beginning with ti- or ki-)


Nu, movo pruviĝas per marŝado. Ek al rekta komentado en esperanto!


Correction: Gratulon, geamiko!

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