"As gatas comem pão."

Translation:The cats eat bread.

December 27, 2012

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Caution, do not walk through alley ways with fresh bread, cats will get you.


Why couldn't it be translated as "The babes eat bread?"


'Gata' is also a slang for 'beatifull girl' and 'gato' is also a slang for 'beatifull boy'. But almost girls don't like to be call 'Gata'. Ex: Essa garota é uma gata. Esse garoto é um gato. ~sorry for my english. I am a portuguese native learning english.


Cool ....and in Spanish its not polite to say "gata" to someone


your english is very good


I'm getting real tired of this trickery. As gatas and Os gatos is the ONLY thing in the first set of lessons that are distinguishable. Couldn't this be true with any animal? Like A vaca versus O vaco? How confusing. Gah.


Some animals have two gender words: O gato e a gata, o urso e a ursa. And others not: o jacaré, o peixe, o elefante; a formiga, a mosca, a baleia, a girafa. And others have different words for different genders: o cachorro e a cadela; a vaca e o boi; o cavalo e a égua.


I think not. Because some animal words are referring to one specific gender. In this case "a vaca" is the cow and "o vaco (which does not exist)" is "the bull". The same applies for animals like the horse (o cavalo) and the mare (a égua), where you can't say "o cavalo e a cavala". I hope this helped you.


Why it cannot be "the kitties eat bread"? I'm a little bit confused, now.


It's a word only children use. So, if you're a young child, tell them that the answer should have been accepted ;)

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