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  5. "Não corra por favor."

"Não corra por favor."

Translation:Do not run please.

October 3, 2013



Could "não corra" also mean "don't speed" as in when driving a car?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, and it's the usual way to say it, native speaker here.


    Didn't sound like "corra" at all. More like torra or doija.


    I thought the Imperative spelling here would be 'corrE, not corra. Am I wrong or am I missing something?


    If you look at the conjugation tables I mention in another comment you'll notice two possiblities for the "you" imperative, one for "você" (corra) and the other for "tu" (corre), but with a negative command the "tu" version changes to "corras". The sentence "Não corras por favor" should be accepted.


    I feel like this is something the lifeguard would say to me at the pool.


    what's the difference between "corra" and "corram"?


    They are just different forms (conjugations) of the verb "correr" or "to run" in English. You can find all the situations where they could be used by consulting tables of conjugations like these:


    In the sentence above "não corra" is being used to tell (order) an individual not to run (look under "Imperativo negativo" in the tables). If you wanted to tell a group of people not to run you would use: "Não corram por favor".

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