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Word ordering

First question: In esperanto it is my understanding that you can arrange subjects nouns and objects in any order, is this right? EG

Mi sxatas gxin

Mi gxin sxatas

Sxatas mi gxin

Sxatas gxin mi

gxin sxatas mi

gxin mi sxatas

Second question: When using a negative, can you move the pronouns in between "ne" and the verb? EG

Can you say "Mi ne gxin sxatas"?

June 11, 2015



All 6 word orders are correct, but the usual order is "Mi ŝatas ĝin". You can use word orders for emphasis, e.g. "Ĝin mi ŝatas", "I like this one (not another one)".

"Ne" is normally put before the word it negates: "Mi ne ĝin ŝatas" would be understood as "I don't like it (but I like something else)".


Which word, exactly, is emphasised in an alternative word order?


the first one normally

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