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  5. "Моя донька студентка."

"Моя донька студентка."

Translation:My daughter is a student.

June 11, 2015



Why aren't these two nouns separated by a dash? Can you write it with the dash or without it? Or are there specific rules?


You need to put a dash here. You need to put a dash between subject and predicate if both of them are nouns


Yes, I know, but I was asked to translate from Ukrainian to English, and the Ukrainian sentence did not have a dash through it, so that is why I asked about the dash.


Some sentences seem to be missing dashes here


What dash are you talking about? I seem to not have encountered it...


For example: я-студент. It serves as "are, is" in English.


I translated it as "My daughter is a student", and that was wrong answer. It said right answer is "My daughter is a female student". Really? :/ I know that студент means male student, and студентка - female, but in English both words would be translated the same. Am I wrong?


"My daughter is a student" is accepted too. You should report your variant using the "Report a problem" button, if you are sure that it is correct. Otherwise, there is no way to find out what was wrong. It could be a typo.


i cant understand how you gonna say for " is" like she IS my student.

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