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  5. "Ви любите спорт?"

"Ви любите спорт?"

Translation:Do you like sports?

June 11, 2015



Since there is no different word order for questions, we have to use intonation. But could the intonation be like "Ви любите сПОРТ?" ?


In English, we use rising intonation at the end of a sentence to indicate a question: particularly if there is no use of a question word, such as what, when, where, who, why, and so on; or there is a word order change to show a question, such as do you, have you, and so on. Ukrainian uses an intonation change if there are no words to show otherwise: according to one reference - 'In a question the voice rises and falls on the word that is important for the question'. An example is: Він українець? Is he Ukrainian? The intonation change is on the word українець - the emphasis being on the ї. In your post, the word спорт would rise in the middle and fall at the end, but if you were to enphasise the word in the way you suggest, then Ukrainian speakers would understand it was a question. The differences are slight and when I was young my father would correct my pronunciation many times. I had difficulty hearing the difference, being used to hearing and speaking English most of the time.


Having listened to the speech for this example, it sounds like the emphasis is on любите as the word important to the question, i.e. in English it would be sonething like 'Do you LIKE sport?'


How does one say 'Do you love sport' in Ukrainian?


"любити" is actually "to love", so...

You can say "мені подобається" (I like) or "я люблю' (I love), but the difference is not that big


Haha, I only asked that question because Duolingo determined love as wrong. I have reported.


In English "I love sport" is different from "I like sport".


Yes, that was why I asked :)


The translation to the singular sport in English is incorrect. The correct expression in English would be sports.


Actually, in British English "sport" is correct and "sports" is only used when we want to make it clear we are talking about more than one sport. "Do you like sports" sounds very strange in British English.


Both should definitely be acceptable in that case, because in American English "Do you love sport" is incorrect. I think it's very similar to the British "Maths" versus the America "Math."


How is I love sports wrong?


It was a question and second person. So 'Do you like/love sport/sports?'

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