"Mi ĵus skribis tiujn vortojn."

Translation:I just wrote those words.

3 years ago



Can't "nur" be used as only or just as well? Is there any functional difference? Or is "jxus" mean just as in "just a little bit ago"?

3 years ago


Yes. "jus" = "just now" ; "nur" = "only"

3 years ago


Esperanto has no exceptions, huh? I was trying hard to deduce what the verb "ĵus" might mean. Appeared to be not a verb at all!

3 years ago


I mean, that kind of makes sense. if ĵus was a verb, that would mean that the root would be "ĵ-", and I don't think a single letter can be a root

2 years ago


Ah, so here is a case of English requiring adjective-noun agreement: "that word" becomes "those words". Just that Esperanto does it consistently for every adjective.

1 year ago
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