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When I level up the questions don't get harder

I've gotten to level 5 in Italian according to my scores, and have earned well over 500 points, but the questions are exactly the same as when I started. All it lets me do is practice what I've already learned. French wasn't like this. What's wrong?

June 11, 2015



Levels and XP reflect your practice, but not your placement in the tree. You need to keep doing new lessons in order to advance along the tree. When you strengthen or practice your whole tree, you will only be practicing from the question bank that you've seen so far. (Well, the same vocabulary and grammar concepts at least.)

All of the skills you have completed should be gold (or have a progress bar). If you have any skills that have a fraction, then that means you need to go do some more lessons from that section.

This Duolingo wiki page talks more about skills vs lessons and shows you what these incomplete skills might look like.


I'm having the same issue in Spanish. I finally figured out how to test out of a level, so I've spent all of my time trying to test up to my level. I'm at level 5 and it has taken me months, but the questions are still the same. He eats apples. Do you have the passport? She is a woman. I have the basics; I want to learn more vocabulary and how to use past and future tense.

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