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"Is this the book that was translated recently?"

Translation:Yeni çevrilen kitap bu mu?

June 11, 2015


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I don't understand why kitap is in the nominative. I would think bu is the subject and the book/kitabı the object. Or should we see bu ... kitap as one clause, which in its entirety is the subject?


Literal translation: Is the newly translated book this? So here, the subject is whole of "the newly translated book" or "yeni çevrilen kitap". And bu is the indirect object. This is simply an "is A B?" type of sentence. You can switch them and say "Bu, yeni çevrilen kitap mı?" That wouldn't change the meaning since "A is B" = "B is A"


Thanks for clearing that up since 'bu yeni cevrilen kitap mı ' seems more natural to me, so it is good knowing I can use that also


regarding çevrilen we dropped the second vowel i right??


Can also be "yeni tercüme edilen kitap bu mu?"


So cevirmek=arabic tarjuma & çevrilmek =arabic mutarajam So is mutarajam also part of turkish vicabulary or no?


Yea! I can use terjuma from arabic, another word that is already in my bag and which I can reuse!


And why is here "çevrilmek" used as "translate", but in the other sentences "çevirmek" is used. And also google translates çevrilmek = to be converted?. Are they actually interchangeable? I suppose they are according to this sentence...


No, they are not interchangeable. Çevirmek = to translate. Çevrilmek = to be translated (passive voice).

Ben bu kitabı çevirdim = I translated this book. Bu kitap benim tarafımdan çevrildi = This book was translated by me.

Bu kitap çevrildi mi? Evet, o çevrildi. = Has this book been translated? Yes, it has been translated.

Çevrilen kitap bu mu? = Is this the book (that is) translated?

Bu kitabı çeviren o mu? = Is he the one who translated this book?


Bu uzun bir cevabı için çok teşekkür ederim. I have to practice this now. Now, thanks to your answer there arises another question. I noted that letter "i" gets lost when using the passive voice....


"Recently" translates as "yakında", yet when I used "Yakında çevrilen" or "yakında çevrilmiş olan kitap bu mu?", my answer was rejected in favour of "Yeni çevrilen kitap bu mu?" I was hoping for an explanation as to why my answer is incorrect.


Son günlerde, de recently anlamına gelemez mi?,


Son zamanlarda çevrilmiş kitap bu mu? - yanlış mı?


Çevrilmiş ? This skill is to teach you how to use relative pronouns "Çevrilen" u understand me ?

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